Task states

The following table provides an overview of the task states shown on the Task view and on the Task archive pages.

Every state is associated with a color code that indicates the state category.

Color code State Description
Accepted Task has been created.
Will be retried Task will be retried later.
Started Task has been started.
In progress Execution of the task is being prepared.
Task bundle in progress Execution of the task bundle is being prepared.
Notified SMC app was notified.
Commands sent SMC app has received the package and/or the commands.
Result evaluation started SMC app has answered and the evaluation of the result has been started.
Result incomplete Result evaluation showed that not all commands’ results have been received by now.
Waiting for user interaction There is a pending user action on the device.
Device is locked Task waits for the device to become unlocked (iOS only).
Successful Package has been installed or the commands have been successfully executed.
Note: For the initial provisioning of the Sophos Mobile Control app the task must finish with the state Installed.
Installed The Sophos Mobile Control app has been installed successfully. The device is provisioned now.
Result evaluation failed Result evaluation could not be executed.
Task partly failed Not all commands of the task could be executed successfully.
Delayed Task will be restarted later.
Failed (retry queued) Task has failed and will be retried later.
Task failed Task has failed and no further retries are queued.
Completely failed Task has failed, and it is not possible to retry it.
Not started Task is part of a task bundle and was not processed yet.
Session requested An AirPlay session was requested (iOS only).
Unknown The server has no information about the task status.
Color code Category
In progress