Corporate Email configuration (Android Sophos container policy)

With the Corporate Email configuration you define user settings for your Microsoft Exchange Server. These settings are applied to the Sophos Secure Email app if it is installed in the Sophos container.

Setting/Field Description
Exchange ActiveSync host The address of the Microsoft Exchange Server.
Note: If you use the SMC EAS proxy, enter the URL of the SMC proxy server.
User The user for this account.

If you enter the variable %_USERNAME_%, the server replaces it with the actual user name.

Email address The email address of the account.

If you enter the variable %_EMAILADDRESS_%, the server replaces it with the actual email address.

Domain The domain for this account.
Support contact email The email address that will be used as the "Contact Support" email address.
Export contacts to device Users are allowed to export the exchange contacts with a phone number to the local device contacts. Sophos Secure Email will keep them synchronized. Only name and telephone number will be exported to enable the user to identify company contacts in an incoming call. Note that even after a remote reset of the Sophos Secure Email app, the information will still be available in the local storage of the device.
Show notification settings This setting controls the display of email notifications and event reminders in Sophos Secure Email.

When you select the check box:

  • The user can turn email notifications on or off.
  • Event reminders are turned on.

When you clear the check box:

  • Email notifications and event reminders are turned off.
Note: If you think notifications displayed on a lost or stolen device is a security risk, you may want to clear this check box.
Open attachments If you select the check box, Save and View buttons are displayed below the attachment. Save passes the attachment on to Sophos Secure Workspace, View opens the file in Sophos Secure Email. If Sophos Secure Email cannot open the file, users can select where to pass the file on to.

If you clear the check box, attachment cannot be opened or passed on to other apps.

Add Click Add to configure settings that a future version of the Sophos Secure Email app might require.
Important: Only configure these settings if instructed by the Sophos support team.