Exchange ActiveSync configuration (Windows Desktop policy)

With the Exchange ActiveSync configuration you define user settings for your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Important: If you use multiple configurations to set up Exchange ActiveSync accounts, the devices might only be able to retrieve mail for one account. This typically happens when the accounts are located on different Exchange ActiveSync servers and there are different mailbox policies defined on these servers. Because the Windows Desktop devices can only enforce a single mailbox policy, they will fail to connect to the accounts that use a different policy.
Setting/Field Description
Account name The account name.
Exchange ActiveSync host The address of the Microsoft Exchange Server.
Note: If you use the SMC EAS proxy, enter the URL of the SMC proxy server.
Domain The domain for this account.
User The user for this account.

If you enter the variable %_USERNAME_%, the server replaces it with the actual user name.

Email address The email address of the account.

If you enter the variable %_EMAILADDRESS_%, the server replaces it with the actual email address.

Password The password for this account.

If you leave this field empty, users must enter the password on their devices.

Synchronization period The time period emails are synchronized for.

If you select a time period, only the emails from within the specified period are synchronized to the inbox on the managed device.

Synchronization interval The interval between email synchronization processes.
SSL All communication is sent through SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

We recommend that you select this check box.

Synchronize content types The content types to be synchronized.