Restrictions configuration (Android for Work policy)

With the Restrictions configuration you configure restrictions and related settings for Android for Work.


Setting/Field Description
Allow screen capture Users can capture the screen content of work apps.
Allow user to configure credentials Users can install or remove certificates in the work profile.
Allow work clipboard in personal apps Users can copy text from a work app and paste it into a personal app.

Pasting clipboard text from a personal app into a work app is always possible.

Allow Smart Lock Users can turn on the Android Smart Lock feature that automatically unlocks the device in certain situations.
Allow location sharing Work apps can access the device’s location features.

If the check box is cleared, work apps cannot access the device’s location features, even if the user has turned location sharing on.

Allow opening web links in personal apps Web links that the user taps in a work app can be opened by a personal browser app.
Allow debugging Users can turn on the debugging features in the Android developer options.
Allow unlocking device by fingerprint Users can use the fingerprint sensor to unlock the device.


Setting/Field Description
Allow managing accounts Users can add or remove accounts from the work profile, for example app accounts.

Users cannot remove the Google account from the work profile.

Network and communication

Setting/Field Description
Allow Android Beam Users can send data from work apps through Android Beam (data transfer through NFC).
Allow VPN Users can use VPN connections for work apps.


Setting/Field Description
Allow camera Work apps can access the camera.


Setting/Field Description
Allow app uninstall Users can uninstall work apps.
Allow installing apps from unknown sources If the check box is cleared, users can only install work apps from the Google Play Store, not from unknown sources or through Android Debug Bridge (ADB).
Allow managing apps If the check box is cleared, users cannot perform the following tasks for work apps:
  • Uninstall apps
  • Disable apps
  • Stop apps
  • Clear app cache
  • Clear app data
  • Clear setting Open by default
Short message A company-specific support message that is displayed to the user when functionality has been turned off.
Note: If you enter more than 200 characters, the message may be truncated.
Long message Additional text to complement the short message. The text is displayed when the user taps More details in screens that display the short message.
Note: This text is also displayed on the Android Device administrator screen for the Sophos Mobile Control app.