Restrictions configuration (Knox container profile)

Setting/Field Description
Allow screen capture Users can capture the screen content of apps inside the Samsung Knox container.
Allow camera Apps inside the Samsung Knox container can access the camera.
Allow clipboard Users can copy any contents to the clipboard.
Allow "Share via" The Share via feature that certain apps use is turned on.
Allow microphone Apps inside the Samsung Knox container can access the microphone.
Enforce the use of the secure keypad Users must use the secure keypad.
Allow addition of new email accounts Users can add email accounts beyond the accounts that are configured by a Sophos Mobile Control profile.
Allow data export Private apps can access data from within the Samsung Knox container.
Allow copying files into the container Private files can be copied or moved into the Samsung Knox container.
Allowed apps / Forbidden apps You can configure either Allowed apps or Forbidden apps. Select the desired option from the first list and then select the app group containing the apps that should be allowed or forbidden from the second list.

App installations initiated by the Sophos Mobile Control server are not restricted by this setting.

For information on creating app groups, see App groups.