Single app mode configuration (iOS device profile)

With the Single app mode configuration you define settings for the single mode that locks devices into a single app and prevents users from changing to other apps.

Setting/Field Description
Select source Select how you want to specify the app for the single app mode:
  • App list: Select the app from a list of all available iOS apps for the customer.
  • Custom: Manually enter the bundle ID of the app.
App identifier The app for the single app mode.

Either select an app from the list or enter a bundle ID.

Disable touchscreen Touch gestures are unavailable.
Disable rotation The screen does not rotate.
Disable volume buttons Volume buttons are unavailable.
Disable ringer switch The ringer switch is unavailable.
Disable sleep wake button The wake button is unavailable.
Disable Auto-Lock The Auto-Lock feature that puts the device into sleep after an idle period is turned off.
Enable VoiceOver VoiceOver is available.
Enable Zoom The Zoom feature is available.
Enable Invert Colors The Invert Colors feature is available.
Enable AssistiveTouch AssistiveTouch is available.
Enable Speak Selection The Speak Selection feature is available.
Enable Mono Audio The Mono Audio feature is available.
VoiceOver VoiceOver adjustments are available.
Zoom Zoom adjustment are available.
Invert Colors Invert Colors adjustment are available.
AssistiveTouch AssistiveTouch adjustment are available.