Add device

We recommend that you create one or more device groups before adding your first device to Sophos Mobile Control. You can then assign each device to a device group, to simplify device management. See Create device group.

To add a new device to Sophos Mobile Control:

  1. On the menu sidebar, under MANAGE, click Devices.
    The Devices page is displayed.
  2. Click Add and then select the platform from the Add device manually menu section.
    The Edit device page is displayed.
  3. On the Edit device page, specify the following device details:
    1. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the new device.
    2. In the Description field, enter a description for the new device.
    3. Under Owner, select Company or Employee.
    4. In the Email address field enter an email address.
    5. In the Phone number field, enter the phone number of the new device. Enter the phone number in international format, for example +491701234567.
    6. Under Device group, select the device group the device is to be assigned to.
      Note: A Default device group is available. If you have not defined your own device groups yet, you can add devices to this group. For information on how to create your own device groups, see Create device group.
  4. To assign a user to the device, click the Edit user assignment icon next to the User field and then click Assign user to device. For further information, see Assign a user to a device.
  5. To add custom properties to the device, go to the Custom properties tab and click Add custom property. For further information, see Define custom properties for devices.
  6. After you have specified all relevant device details, click Save.
The new device is added to Sophos Mobile Control and displayed on the Devices page under MANAGE. You can now provision and manage the device.
Note: For iOS devices, when you have configured Sophos Mobile Control to synchronize the device name with the device as described in Configure iOS settings, the name you entered in the Name field is replaced by the name set during synchronization.