Register domain with Google

In the first stage of the setup procedure for Android for Work, you register a domain with Google (Managed Google Domain), create a domain administrator (Managed Google Account) and verify your domain ownership.

Note: If you already have a Managed Google Domain, for example because you have signed up for G Suite (formerly Google Apps), you can skip this section. Instead, enable Android for Work for your domain from the Google Admin console.
  1. Click the following link to sign up for Android for Work.
  2. Fill the web form with the required information.
    • Under About your business, enter the domain that will be used as the Managed Google Domain in Business domain address. For example, you could use the domain of your Sophos Mobile Control server.
      Note: If you want to configure Android for Work for more than one customer in Sophos Mobile Control, you need a separate domain for each customer.
    • Under Your Google admin account, enter the credentials for a new domain administrator.
      Note: Make a note of the credentials as you will need them later in the setup procedure.
  3. Click the button to create the domain administrator account.
    This opens the setup page for Android for Work in the Google Admin console.
    Tip: You can also access the setup page manually: Open the following web address and log in with the credentials of the domain administrator you’ve created.
  4. In the Google Admin console, start the procedure to verify your domain ownership.
    Follow the instructions provided by Google to verify your domain.
After your domain ownership is verified, you receive a token to connect your Android for Work domain with your third-party EMM provider, that is, with Sophos Mobile Control.
Next, you must create a Google service account and configure the relevant APIs for Android for Work. See Configure Google service account.