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Getting started

We can help you to get started using Sophos Central.

Sophos Central consists of:

  • A management dashboard (Sophos Central).
  • Products for threat protection and more. You need to install software on your devices for these.

Getting started

We assume that you want to start with our anti-malware products: Endpoint Protection, Server Protection, and Intercept X.

We have a guide that helps you get started. We’ll tell you how to:

  • Create and activate an account (if you haven’t already done this).
  • Install our software on your devices.
  • Manage devices from Sophos Central.
  • Set up security policies.

You can find the startup guide here Sophos Central startup guide.

Want to set up other Sophos Central products?

Sophos Central includes other security products. To get started with those, look at the guide for your product:

Sophos MTR startup guide for new customers.

Sophos Device Encryption administrator guide.

Sophos Mobile administrator help.

Manage your products

Sophos Central shows features under their product names, such as Endpoint Protection.

Find help on managing your products in Sophos Central in Manage your products.

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