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Create an Enterprise Admin

Follow these instructions to create an Enterprise admin.

Before you begin:

  • You need to be a Super Admin administrator. See Administration Roles.
  • You must have an enterprise administrator to access Sophos Central Enterprise.
  • You can use an existing Sophos Central Admin account. If you do, you won't be able to sign in to Sophos Central Admin with that account.
  • You can't turn on Enterprise Management from Sophos Central trial accounts.


You can only turn off Enterprise Management in Sophos Central Enterprise. Only an Enterprise Super Admin can unlink the sub-estate to turn off the opt-in once its turned on.

For more information, see Account preferences in Sophos Central Enterprise help.

Sophos Central Enterprise lets an administrator manage the security of an organization divided into multiple sub-estates. For example, an organization with several sites can manage each site's security as a separate sub-estate.

On your Sophos Central account > Account Preferences tab, you can turn on Enterprise Management and create an enterprise administrator.

The enterprise administrator manages the sub-estates using Sophos Central Enterprise. The enterprise administrator is a Super Admin administrator for each of the sub-estates.

When you turn on Enterprise Management from a Sophos Central account, any other accounts associated with your customer account link to your Sophos Central Enterprise account as sub-estates. You can also create new sub-estates in Sophos Central Enterprise.

If you create an Enterprise Admin from an existing Sophos Central Admin account, the federated sign-in credentials and settings for that account are used for the Sophos Central Enterprise account.

To turn on Enterprise Management and create the Enterprise Admin, do as follows:

  1. Click your Profile icon, and then click Account preferences.
  2. Turn on Enterprise Management.
  3. Click Save, and then click Continue.
  4. Enter the account details to create the Enterprise Admin. Choose one of the following options:

    Option Description
    Use your Sophos Central credentials To do this, click Use my Sophos Central login credentials to create the first Sophos Central Enterprise admin.

    If you use your Sophos Central credentials, you can't sign in to Sophos Central Admin with that account.
    Create a new account To do this, enter new account information.

    You must use a unique email that you haven't used with any other Sophos Central account.
  5. Click Enable Enterprise Management and Save.

    The Account Preferences tab shows that Enterprise Management is on and the name of the enterprise admin. The enterprise admin receives the password setup link in an email.

  6. Click the link in the setup email and create the password for the enterprise admin account.

    You can now use these account details to access Sophos Central Enterprise.

  7. To sign in to Sophos Central Enterprise, go to the Sophos Central Admin sign-in page and enter your enterprise admin credentials.

    This opens Sophos Central Enterprise.

  8. Check which sub-estates have allowed enterprise admins to access and manage their Sophos Central Admin account.

    Remember, the Sophos Central Admin administrators for the sub-estates have to allow access.