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You can activate and manage your Sophos licenses from Sophos Central Admin.

Click your account name (upper right of the user interface), select Licensing.

View your licenses and usage

A list shows your current license(s), with the following details for each license.

  • License. The name of the license you purchased.
  • Type. The type of license you have (for example, a Full license).
  • Usage. The number of users or servers using this license.


    For end-user and Mobile licenses, this number includes only users who have at least one device associated with them. It may also include protected devices that are not yet associated with a user.


    For end-user and server licenses, this number may include protected virtual machines (VMs). Hover over the icon to see a breakdown of users (or servers) and VMs.


    For Mobile licenses (Mobile Standard, Mobile Advanced, Intercept X for Mobile), this number only includes devices that communicated with Sophos Central within the last 30 days.

  • Limit. The maximum number of users or servers that can use this license. The limit depends on the subscription.

    If you are using Enterprise Master Licenses you can't see this option. Licenses are managed by your enterprise administrator.

  • Expires. The date when the license expires.

  • License #. License number.

For firewall reporting licenses, click Manage to allocate license units to individual firewalls.

A Trial license is generated automatically when you use unlicensed software or features. For example, if you have an Intercept X Essentials for Server license but you use Intercept X Advanced for Server features, you see both a paid Intercept X Essentials for Server license and a trial Intercept X Advanced for Server license. Sophos may also generate trial licenses for temporary license extensions when a full license expires. A trial license lasts for 30 days. After this, you must either buy a full license or stop using the software or features. See Trial license banners.

Apply License Key or Apply Activation Code

You can activate a new or upgraded license here. Use the license key shown on the License Schedule that Sophos has emailed you. See Activate Your License.

Contact Partner to Buy

Click Contact Partner to Buy to show contact information for your Sophos partner.

Review end-user license agreement

Click this link to display the Sophos End-User License Agreement in a separate window. If you want to print it, press Ctrl+P.