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You can add policies to allow or block domains. To add a policy, select a location and filtering category that aligns with your corporate policy. Each filtering category has multiple web categories, and each web category includes sub-categories that are either allowed or blocked. Depending on the filtering category you select, DNS Protection allows or blocks domains for the locations added to the policy.

By default, DNS protection blocks websites that might be a security risk. Such websites have a poor threat score or reputation. This is enforced whether you add a policy to a location or not.

The Policies page shows all the policies you've created and the locations to which they're applied.

To delete a policy, select a policy and click Delete.

Customize web categories

You can't change the settings in a filtering category. To customize these settings, select Let me specify instead of a filtering category. This option lets you configure (allow or block) each web category and its sub-categories in alignment with your corporate policy.