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Manage dashboards

The Manage Dashboards page lets you view and manage your Sophos and custom dashboards.

Go to Dashboards > Manage dashboards.

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View dashboards list

The Manage dashboards page shows a list of your available dashboards.

In the Creator column, a Sophos badge indicates a dashboard we created. Custom dashboards show the name of the administrator who created them.

Click a dashboard's name to go to that dashboard.

Manage dashboards page.

Find more dashboards

You can find more Sophos dashboards and add them to your list. The dashboards available depend on your licenses.


In this release, you can only find the Threat Analysis Center dashboard. You need an XDR license to see that dashboard.

  1. On the Manage dashboards page, click Find dashboards.

    "Manage dashboards" page showing the "Find dashboards" button.

  2. On the Find dashboards page, go to the dashboard you want and click the plus sign in the rightmost column.

    Selected dashboard.

  3. Close the Find dashboards page.

  4. On the Manage dashboards page, the dashboard is now in your dashboards list.

    New dashboard shown in dashboards list.

Create or edit dashboards

You can create new dashboards or edit dashboards you've already created.

These dashboards are for your use only. Other admins don't see them.

To create or edit a dashboard, do as follows:

  1. Go to the Manage dashboards page.
  2. To create a dashboard, click Create new.

    To edit a dashboard, click the Edit icon Edit icon. in that dashboard's row in the list.

  3. If you're creating a dashboard, in the Create dashboard dialog, enter a Name and Description, and click Next.

  4. On the next page, create or edit your dashboard by dragging widgets onto or off the grid on the right.

For full details of creating a dashboard, see Create or edit a dashboard.

For more information about widgets, see Widgets for dashboards.

Clone dashboards

You can clone custom dashboards. This makes a copy of the dashboard that you can edit to create a new dashboard.

  1. On the Manage dashboards page, in the row for the dashboard you want to clone, click the Clone icon in the rightmost column.

    Dashboard with Clone icon highlighted.

  2. In the Clone dashboard dialog, enter a Name and Description, and click Clone.

    Clone dashboard dialog.

  3. Add or remove widgets on the grid as you did when you created or edited other dashboards.

Set default dashboard

The default dashboard is displayed when you sign in to Sophos Central.

The main Central Overview dashboard, a pre-defined Sophos dashboard, is the default until you select a different one.

You can make any dashboard, including a dashboard you created, the default. Click the button in the Set default column for the dashboard you want. You can change the default again at any time.

You can’t delete a dashboard while it's the default. To delete it, you must first make another dashboard the default.

Dashboards list showing the default dashboard.

Pin dashboards

You can pin dashboards so that they appear in the Dashboards menu. By default, new dashboards are pinned.

On the Manage dashboards page, click the Pin next to a dashboard to pin or unpin it.

Dashboard with Pin icon highlighted.

Remove dashboards

You can remove a Sophos dashboard from the list.

In the row for that dashboard, click the minus sign in the penultimate column on the right.

Dashboard with minus sign icon highlighted.

This removes the dashboard but doesn't delete it. You can use Find dashboards to add it to the list again.


You can't remove the Central Overview dashboard.

Delete dashboards

You can delete custom dashboards.


You can't delete dashboards created by Sophos.

In the row for that dashboard, click the cross in the penultimate column on the right.

Dashboard with cross icon highlighted.

You can't get the custom dashboard back later.