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Quarantine Settings

If you select Quarantine for a message category, messages are held until you delete or release them.

If you select Include in End User Quarantine, messages can be checked, released, or deleted by your users. See End User Quarantine.

Quarantine summary messages

You can choose to send a quarantine summary message to each protected mailbox.

The message contains a table containing quarantined messages since the last summary message was sent. You can schedule when quarantine summary messages are sent.

You can only send quarantine summary messages to users. You can't send them to aliases, distribution lists, or public folders.

Users can release or delete quarantined spam messages by clicking the appropriate link in the quarantine summary message.

Users can only read quarantined messages and won't be able to release or delete them unless you allow users to take action on these messages. They can perform Release, Release and Allow, Delete, and Delete and Block.

To schedule when quarantine summary messages are sent, do as follows:

  1. In your Email Security policy, go to Settings > Inbound > Anti-spam > Quarantine Settings.
  2. Turn on Send a quarantine summary email.
  3. Select the appropriate time zone for your region.
  4. Select the days on which you want the messages to be sent.


    All days are selected by default. Click a day to deselect it.

  5. Select the time slots to send the quarantine summary messages.


    You can select one or more time slots. If you want your Quarantine Summary messages delivered 24/7, then select all days of the week and all hours of the day. When a time slot is selected, click again to deselect it.

  6. Click Save.

Quarantine summary messages are sent during the 90 minutes following the defined time slot. We spread the sending of messages over time to manage server load.