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Reverse Microsoft 365 changes

You can reverse the changes made in your Microsoft 365 environments after you disconnect from Sophos Mailflow.

If you've stopped using Sophos Mailflow but still have connections to your Microsoft 365 domain, you can manually remove them from the Microsoft 365 admin center.


We recommend you check Microsoft help for updates before changing your email configuration.

Do as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. Go to your Microsoft Entra ID admin center and click App registrations.
  3. Click Sophos Email Mail flow app for the domain that you want to disconnect. There is one for each domain that you've connected.
  4. Delete the app.
  5. If you use the Post delivery protection feature in Sophos M365 Security, find the app for this and delete it.
  6. Go to your Exchange admin center.
  7. Go to Mail flow and click Rules.
  8. Select the rules that redirect inbound and outbound emails to Sophos for that domain and delete them.
  9. Go to Mail flow and click Connectors.
  10. Select the connectors for inbound and outbound emails for that domain and delete them.