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Encryption status

Here you see the encryption statuses Sophos Central Device Encryption can show for a device.

Status Description
Encrypted The device is encrypted.
Pending You assigned the device a Device Encryption policy. Encryption is in progress.

The device is encrypted, or encryption is pending, but BitLocker Drive Encryption is suspended for one or more volumes. For example, devices can have this status during a Windows update.

The Suspended status only applies to Windows devices.

Plain One or more volumes aren't encrypted, or encryption hasn't started yet.
Unmanaged You assigned the device a Device Encryption policy but turned off encryption for the device.
Not supported

The operating system doesn't support Sophos Central Device Encryption.

For example:

  • The Windows version doesn't support BitLocker.
  • Windows runs in a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 approved mode of operation (FIPS mode), but BitLocker in FIPS mode isn't supported.
Not available Sophos Central doesn't know the device's encryption status, for example, because you haven't installed Sophos Central Device Encryption on the device.