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The Firewall Management dashboard lets you see firewall activity at a glance.

Go to My Products > Firewall Management > Dashboard to see your activity.

When you don't have any firewalls set up in Sophos Central, you can add a firewall, or try a virtual firewall, from the firewall dashboard.

For more information, see the following topics:

On the firewall dashboard, you can see details about the following:

  • Alerts
  • Firewalls
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Web activity


The Alerts section shows you statistics for alerts in Sophos Central. This shows all alerts, not just firewall alerts.

To see full details of all alerts, click View All Alerts.

To see a filtered list of alerts, click on the figure for the alert priority (High, Medium, or Info).

At the main alerts list, you can investigate and take action against alerts.

See Firewall alerts.


The Firewalls section shows the current status of firewalls. You can see here if firewalls need attention for any of these reasons:

  • Not connected
  • Not managed
  • License expiring
  • Health issues

To see the full list of firewalls and resolve issues, click Show All Firewalls.

Advanced Threat Protection

This shows you statistics for threats detected by firewalls in the previous two hours.

Advanced threat protection (ATP) analyzes incoming and outgoing network traffic (for example, DNS requests, HTTP requests, and IP packets) for threats. Using ATP, you can quickly detect compromised clients in your network and raise an alert or drop the traffic from those clients.

ATP also uses cloud-based sandboxing, which analyzes suspicious content, so that you can decide whether files are safe to allow.

If an attack starts, ATP can prevent devices from connecting to command-and-control servers outside your network.

Intrusion Attacks

This shows statistics for intrusion prevention.

Intrusion prevention looks for anomalies in network traffic to detect and prevent denial of service (DoS) and other spoofing attacks.

In Sophos Firewall, you can specify the action to take when anomalies are found.

Web activity

The graph shows web activity measured at five-minute intervals for the previous two hours.