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Firewall reporting - Saved Templates

The firewall reporting Saved Templates tab shows the report templates you've saved with specific filter and display settings.

You can only use this option if you have a Central Firewall Reporting Advanced license.

Saved templates contain the columns configured, the visualization (chart type), and the filters applied.

If you want to shorten the list, you can use Filters.

For each template, the list shows the firewalls or firewall groups from which the template gets data.

If there are multiple firewalls under Firewall or groups, you can click on the text, for example, 3 Firewalls to see the names of those firewalls.

To view a report, click the rocket button in the same row. The template gets data from the firewalls and shows it on the Report Generator tab. If the time frame selected is Last x hours or 7 days, the time frame is relative to the current time. If a custom time frame is selected, you see data from that time frame, regardless of when you view the report. Templates show data for the last 24 hours by default.

Templates don't store dates so you won't see a Time frame field.

You can change any of the filters, the appearance or axes of the chart, and the table column selection and sorting.

To edit a template, click the edit button in the same row. The report filters are shown on the Report Generator tab. The template does not get data, though.

To delete a template, select it and click Delete.