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SD-WAN Connection Groups

You can configure a VPN orchestrated SD-WAN network.

A VPN orchestrated SD-WAN network allows you to connect VPN tunnels between multiple Sophos Firewall devices. To do this, you create SD-WAN connection groups. Then add managed firewalls and the network resources you want users to access to the groups. Sophos Central automatically creates the firewall rules and VPN tunnels.


If you deregister a Sophos Firewall device from Sophos Central, the SD-WAN connection group associated with that firewall is deleted, along with all its VPN tunnels.

For details of how to create and manage your connection groups, see the following:

You can create SD-WAN profiles on the firewalls in your SD-WAN connection groups. See SD-WAN profiles.

You can see any changes you make to your connection groups and the firewalls in your groups in Tasks Queue. See Tasks queue.