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Tasks queue

The Firewall Management tasks queue enables you to see the status of the application of firewall group policies to the firewalls within a group.

Go to My Products > Firewall Management > Tasks Queue to check the progress.

A new task is created automatically when an admin updates a group policy. The information displayed for each task includes the following:

  • Task: The task's number.
  • Group: The group that the firewall is part of.
  • Firewalls: The number of firewalls to which the policy is applied.
  • Status: The overall task completion status, including the number of firewalls to which the policy has been applied successfully.
  • Modified by: The administrator who modified the policy.
  • Entity and Sub-entity: The part of the policy that was edited.
  • Time: Initially, this shows the time at which the policy was created or updated (not necessarily the time when the policy started to be applied to the firewalls). Then, the time is updated as the policy is applied to all the firewalls. Eventually, it shows the time when the policy was applied to the last firewall.

To expand a task to reveal the firewalls to which the policy will be applied, click the down arrow on the right of the table.

To show completed or skipped tasks for firewalls or groups that have been deleted, select Show History.