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Give admins access to Live Response

You can use administrator roles to give admins access to Live Response.

Super Admins always have the rights to manage Live Response settings and start Live Response sessions.

If you want other administrators to have these rights, you must create a new custom role.


If you're a Managed Service Provider managing a customer's account from Sophos Central Partner, you can't currently create this role.

To create the custom role, do as follows:

  1. Go to My Products > General Settings.
  2. Under Administration, click Role Management.

    Screenshot of General Settings page.

  3. On the Role Management page, click Add role.

    Screenshot of Role management page.

  4. On the Add role screen:

    • Give the new role a name (for example, "Live Response admins").
    • In the list of products, select Full or Help desk access to Endpoint Protection and/or Server Protection.

      If you select Help desk access, you can give the role the right to run Live Response sessions, but not to manage the product settings.

    Screenshot of Add Role dialog.

  5. Scroll down to see the Additional settings for Sophos Central Admin and select the features you want. The same features are available for computers and servers.

    • Start Live Response sessions on computers. This feature lets the admin use Live Response to connect to computers and investigate them.
    • Manage Live Response settings for computers. This feature lets the admin turn on or turn off Live Response and select which computers Live Response can connect to.

    Screenshot of Additional settings.

  6. On the Role Management page, click the new role to open its details and assign it to administrators.

    Screenshot of administrator roles list.

  7. Next to Role Members, click Edit and select the administrators you want to assign this new role to.

    Screenshot of Role details page.