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Time of Click Summary

The Time of Click Summary report details the email messages processed by Time of Click URL Protection for your protected mailboxes.

Go to Reports > Email Security > Time of Click Summary.

You can view messages that occurred in the past 365 days or less. Messages for the last 30 days are shown by default.

All scanned messages are shown in the report by default. The messages are classified as follows:

  • Total Clicks: All links that were clicked.
  • Clicks Allowed: All links that were allowed.
  • Clicks Warned: All links that generated a warning.
  • Clicks Blocked: All links that were blocked.

The graph shows you at a glance the number of messages that were processed per day.

The message table shows the number of email messages processed for each date listed. It reflects the date range selected and all message types.

At Risk Users report

To find out more about the reported threats, you can click a number in Clicks Warned or Clicks Blocked to go to the At Risk Users report for those messages. The time period you've selected, and the category you've clicked, are used in At Risk Users.

In At Risk Users, you can then click the linked number in Risk index to go to the At risk user report for the category you first clicked in Time of Click Summary.

See At risk users.