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On the Campaigns page, you can see your campaigns and create a new campaign or campaign series.

Go to My Products > Phish Threat > Campaigns to see your campaigns.

You can create the following campaigns:

  • New Campaign: This lets you test your users with an attack simulation or enroll them in mandatory training. See Create a campaign.
  • New Series: This lets you create a series of campaigns. See Create a campaign series.

You can also see the following campaign sections:

  • Active Campaigns: Shows all your active campaigns.
  • Upcoming Campaigns: Shows all your upcoming campaigns. These campaigns are scheduled to take place at your configured time.
  • Past Campaigns: Shows all your past and completed campaigns.
  • Campaign Drafts: Shows your draft or unfinished campaigns.

    Click Finish to continue creating a campaign or click Discard to remove a campaign.

For more information about active, upcoming, and past campaigns, see Campaign overview.

If a campaign is paused, a Paused label is displayed with the campaign name. For more details, see Pause a campaign.