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Server Groups

On the Server Groups page you can add or manage groups of servers.

Go to My Products > Server > Servers and click the Server Groups tab.

You can use groups to assign a policy to multiple servers at once.

The sections below tell you about the groups list and how to add, modify or delete groups.

About the groups list

The current groups are listed and the number of servers in each group is shown.

To see full details for a group, click on the group's name.

Add a group

To add a group click Add Server Group in the upper right of the page. Give a name and description and then assign servers to the group.

A server can only be in one group. If you select a server that’s already in a group, it will be removed from its current group.

In the Search box you can start typing a name to filter down the displayed entries.

Edit a group

To edit a group, click the group's name to open and edit the group details.

Delete a group

To delete a group, select it and click Delete in the upper right of the page.

Deleting a group will not delete its servers.

You can also delete a group at the group's details page. Click the group's name to open the details.