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Click here to open the documentation of locally-managed switches, including the CLI and API guides.

Add a switch

How to add a switch to Sophos Central.

To manage your switch in Sophos Central, you must first register it.

  1. Go to My Products > Switches > Switches and click Add switches.

    Add switches.

  2. Connect your switches to your network so that they can reach the internet. Turn on the switches, or restart them if they're already turned on.


    Registration is time-limited. You must register your switches with Sophos Central within 15 minutes of turning them on. If a switch isn't registered within 15 minutes, you must restart it and start the registration steps again.

  3. Enter the serial number of the switch in step 3. If you're registering multiple switches, enter one serial number per line.

    Add switch serial numbers.

  4. Select the site template from the drop-down menu. If you don't select a site, the default template is applied.

    Select site template.

  5. Click Register.