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Click here to open the documentation of locally-managed switches, including the CLI and API guides.

CLI Management

You can run CLI commands on one switch or multiple switches at the same time. When you run a command, a task is created in the task queue, and the command is pushed from Sophos Central to the selected switches.

To run CLI commands on your switches, do as follows:

  1. In Sophos Central, go to My products > Switches > Switches.

  2. Select the checkbox next to the switch, or switches, on which you want to run commands.


    The same commands will be sent to all selected switches.

  3. Click Run commands.

    Click Run commands.

  4. In Run switch commands, enter the commands you want to send to the switch. For full details of available CLI commands, see Sophos Switch CLI guide.

  5. Click Execute.


    Running commands from Sophos Central creates a task with the commands you entered and runs them in a single session, one by one as if they're run from the local CLI. You can check the output of the current or the previous tasks in the task queue. Be aware that configuration changes made using CLI commands aren't shown in Sophos Central.

  6. To clear the screen and create a new set of commands, click Create new commands.

    Click Create new command.