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Click here to open the documentation of locally-managed switches, including the CLI and API guides.

Switches overview

Manage Sophos switches in Sophos Central.

You can add and manage your Sophos switches from Sophos Central. You apply site templates and also configure each switch individually.

The screenshot below shows the switch overview.

Switch overview panel.

In the overview, you can do as follows:

  • Add a switch. See Add a switch.
  • Add a site template. See Add a site.
  • Synchronize your switches with Sophos Central. Select the checkbox next to the switch in the table, and click Synchronize.
  • Move switches to a new site. Select the checkbox next to the switch, and click Move to site.


    Moving your switch to a new site clears the switch level settings you applied in Sophos Central. The settings on the switch are updated with the new site configuration. These new settings are added to the existing settings on the switch.

  • Upgrade switch firmware. See Upgrade switch firmware.

  • Run CLI commands on a single switch or group of switches. To do this, do as follows:

    1. Select the switches and click Run commands.
    2. Enter all the commands you want to run.
    3. Click Execute.

    We create a task in Sophos Central and the commands are pushed to the switches. This means there is a delay before the commands run on the switches. You can monitor the progress of the task in the task queue.

  • For full details of the available CLI commands, see CLI commands.


    If you select multiple switches, the same commands are sent to all the selected switches.

The overview page displays information about all the switches you've registered with Sophos Central. The switches are organized by site, and the following information for each switch is available.

Information Description
Serial number The serial number of the switch. Click the serial number to view the switch configuration page.

Any issues with the switch. For example:

  • Firmware updates
  • Lost connections to Sophos Central
  • Configuration synchronization failures
Click the alert number to open the alerts page and view more details.

The current status of the switch and your current support subscription.

  • Registering
  • Connected
  • Registered
  • Unregistered
  • Disconnected
  • Synchronized
  • Waiting for sync
  • Pending
  • Syncing
  • Out of sync
  • Suspended
  • Manual synchronization needed
  • No subscription
  • Oversubscribed
  • Expired subscription
Ports The number of hardware ports the switch has.
Connection usage The number of connections passing through the switch and the percentage of available bandwidth currently used.
IP address The IP address of the switch.
Model The switch model.

The VLAN IDs that are active on the switch. Hover over the VLAN ID to show the following information:

  • VLAN name
  • Tagged ports
  • Untagged ports
Tags Custom tags you've assigned to the switch.

Switch support license subscriptions

Your Sophos Switch support license subscription is synchronized to Sophos Central and the subscription status is shown under the Status section of the switches overview table. You must purchase a support subscription for each switch you've deployed. See Sophos Switch support and services licensing.


Without a valid Sophos Switch support license, you won't be able to make any changes to your switch.

Getting started assistant

You can use Getting started to do as follows:

Click the X at the top of the window to close the assistant.