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Remote assistance for appliances

Sophos Support can help to troubleshoot Sophos appliances used by Sophos NDR or third-party integrations.

In some cases Sophos Support need to access the appliance remotely. You can give them access for up to 24 hours as follows.

The appliance must be online.

  1. Go to Threat Analysis Center > Integrations > Configured.
  2. Click the Integration Appliances tab.

    Integration appliances tab.

  3. Find the appliance. In the rightmost column, click the ellipsis (three dots) and select Remote Assistance.

    Actions menu.

  4. In the Remote Assistance dialog:

    1. Select Enable.
    2. Select the checkbox to acknowledge the Sophos Group Privacy Notice.
    3. Click Save.

    Sophos Central requests an Access ID from the appliance. When it's available it's shown in the dialog.

    Remote assistance dialog.

  5. Copy the Access ID and send it to Sophos Support. They use it to access your appliance.

Remote assistance turns off automatically after 24 hours. Alternatively, to turn it off manually, go back to the Remote assistance dialog and turn off Enable.