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Create a floorplan

Create a floorplan to place your access points.


APX series only.

You need to create a site first. See Create a site.

To create a floorplan, do as follows:

  1. Go to My Products > Wireless > Sites.
  2. Click on a site.
  3. Click Create a floor.
  4. Add a floorplan.

    The floorplan must be an image file (PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF or WBMP).

  5. Upload the floorplan to Sophos Central.

  6. Crop the image or proceed without changes.

    The following screenshot is an example of a wireless floorplan.

    Wireless floorplan example.

  7. Assign the dimensions.

    Measured dimensions are required to correctly show the network range of access points.

  8. Drag and drop an access point from the available tab and place it on the floorplan.

    Delete access points from the floorplan in the placed tab.

  9. Save your settings.

The floorplan with the positions of the access points has been added to the site.