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You can see information about the devices connected to your access points.

Go to My Products > Wireless > Devices to see your connected devices.

The Devices page shows a graph of the devices connected to the access points and devices with poor signal quality over the selected period. You can choose 24h or 7d.

You can search for a specific device using name, MAC address, IP address, or vendor details.

To export the device list, click Export to CSV.

You can filter devices by selecting Online, Offline, or All.

You can filter bands by selecting All bands, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, or 6 GHz.

You can see the following information about devices connected to your access points:

  • Status: Status is green for online devices and grey for offline devices.
  • Name: The name or IP address of the device.
  • MAC: The MAC address of the device.
  • IP: The IP address of the device.
  • Username: You can see the username for any endpoint computer that has signed in using the following authentication types:

    • Encryption mode - WPA2 Enterprise or WPA3 Enterprise.
    • Captive portal - Backend authentication.
    • Captive portal - Social login authentication.
  • Vendor: The vendor of the device.

  • Access point: The connected access point's serial number.
  • SSID: The name of the connected SSID.
  • Band: The wireless band the device uses to connect to the access point.
  • Connection speed: The device's wireless connection speed.
  • First seen: The last time the device connected to the access point.
  • Last seen: The time since the device last disconnected from the access point.
  • Security Heartbeat: Categorizes devices by their security status. You must protect devices with Sophos Endpoint Protection or Sophos Mobile as appropriate. Administrators can set up rules to manage the devices. If devices break these rules, the software reports the threat and the security heartbeat status of the device reflects this. Security Heartbeat categorizes devices as one of the following:

    • Protected (Green): The device is healthy and all traffic is allowed.
    • Client might be at risk (Yellow): There's a potentially unwanted application (PUA) or inactive malware on the device. All traffic is allowed.
    • Client at risk (Red): The device has active malware or ransomware. All internet traffic is blocked. Only traffic from the secured browsing environment (walled garden or safe URL list) is allowed.
    • No Security Heartbeat: This only applies to endpoint computers. This indicates the device is connected, but the endpoint hasn't sent a security heartbeat for 90 seconds.
    • Not available: Sophos Endpoint or Sophos Mobile Control isn't installed on the listed devices.

Device Details

Click a device to see more information.

  • Static details: Shows MAC address, current access point, current site, current network, signal quality, band, status, hostname, IP address, username, and vendor details. Clicking access point, site, or current network will take you to the details page for that access point, site, or SSID.
  • Usage details: Shows the external and total traffic for the device. See Usage Insight.
  • Connectivity: Shows access points, SSIDs, and bands the device has connected to over the selected period.
  • Signal quality: Shows signal strength over the selected period.