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See the wireless events generated by your access points.

Go to My Products > Wireless > Diagnostics > Events and review your events.

The events list shows you the severity, date and time the event occurred, and the type of event.

Sophos Central categorizes events as one of the following severity levels:

  • High High severity.
  • Medium Medium severity.
  • Low Low severity.


Access points generate high severity events when the connected device load on access points is high or action is required.

Events Description
Access point has bad health. Number of connected devices is high. Reduce the number of connected devices.
Security Heartbeat is enabled in Sophos Firewall and Sophos Central Wireless. Use either Sophos Firewall or Sophos Central to turn on Security Heartbeat.
Ethernet LAN speed is low. Wireless performance may be affected by slow LAN speeds.
DNS gateway is unreachable. The access point can't connect to the DNS server.
Access Point gateway not reachable The access point can't connect to its configured gateway IP address.


Access points generate medium severity events when configuration is needed, they're offline, or they have latency issues.

Events Description
Access point is offline. The event shows how long the access point was up and when it was last seen.
Access point is not broadcasting any network. Access point is online but isn't broadcasting data packets.
Access points failed to update to the new firmware. Check the access point logging to troubleshoot.
Access point configuration failed. Access point is sending an hostapd event.
Access point has a DNS timeout. Access point attempted to reach the DNS server but failed.
Access point has high data packet retries Access point is retrying with more data packets. The network may be congested.
Access point has high DNS latency. Access point takes more than 250 milliseconds to establish a connection.
RADIUS server is unreachable. An attempt to reach the RADIUS server failed.
Access Point channel has been changed. Show the new channel the access point is broadcasting on.


Access points generate low severity events to give information about events that don't require action.

Events Description
Access point will be updated with new firmware. A firmware update is scheduled for the selected access point.
Access point has been successfully updated with new firmware. Firmware update is successful on the selected access point.
All access points will be updated with new firmware. A firmware update is scheduled for the selected access points.
All access points have been successfully updated. Firmware update is successful on the selected access points.
Access point command done. All commands are complete.
Ethernet LAN speed is high. LAN speed has recovered.
RADIUS server is reachable. The access point has restored its connection to the RADIUS server.

Sophos Central also shows events that require action on the Alerts page. After you take action or ignore the alert, they're no longer shown but still appear in the event list. See Wireless Alerts.


Click Export to save the event report in a comma-separated value (CSV) or PDF file. You can export the current view or the past 90 days. The exported file contains all applied filters at the time of export.