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Configure and manage access points, wireless networks, and devices.

Go to Wireless to configure and manage Sophos Wireless.

Network requirements

To use any access point with Sophos Wireless, the access point has to be able to communicate with Sophos Central. Therefore, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • DHCP and DNS servers are configured to provide an IP address to the access point and answer its DNS requests (IPv4 only).
  • Access point can reach Sophos Central without requiring a VLAN to be configured on the access point for this connection.
  • Communication on ports 443, 123, 80 to any internet server is possible.
  • There is no HTTPS proxy on the communication path.


Don’t disconnect your access point from the power outlet when the lights blink rapidly. This means that a firmware flash is in progress. For example, a firmware flash after a scheduled firmware update.

For more details about planning and setting up your wireless network, see the following video: