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Computers and servers

This feature is in Beta. Questions or feedback? See Sophos Central Open Beta community.

The Computers and servers page lets you manage your protected computers and servers.

This new-look Beta page will eventually replace the current separate pages for computers and servers. The old pages will remain while we add more functions to the new page.

You'll see these differences on the new page:

  • You can see all your devices in one place.
  • You can see at a glance whether devices are online.
  • By default, you now see devices even if they've been inactive for more than 30 days.
  • You can check whether devices have tamper protection.
  • You can turn tamper protection on or off on specific devices.
  • You can customize the information we show in the devices table.
  • You can filter devices with easy-to-use, multi-faceted filtering.

This Beta version doesn't yet let you install software or delete devices. To do that, go back to the original Computers or Servers page.

View computer details

Go to Devices > Computers and servers.

The computers and servers list shows your current devices with the details described in the sections below.

The "Computers and servers" page.

Health status

Security health status is shown as an icon beside the device name.

Icon Health status
Red health icon. Critical
Yellow health icon. Needs attention
Green health icon. Good
Question mark icon. Unknown


The device name. Click the name to see full details and to take actions on that single device.


The device type: Computer or server. Shown as an icon.

Icon Device type
Computer icon. Computer
Server icon. Server

Operating system

Operating system (Windows, Windows Server, macOS, or Linux) and version.

Last active

This shows how recently the device has been active.

  • If the device is active, we show a green dot and the word "Online".
  • If the device is inactive, we show a gray dot and the last date and time it contacted Sophos Central.

You can filter the list to see devices that have been inactive for a specific length of time. See Filter devices.

IP Address

Hover over the three dots Three dots icon. on the far right to see details of all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

IP addresses.

Tamper protection

Tamper protection prevents unauthorized users and some types of malware from uninstalling Sophos software or turning it off.

The Tamper protection column shows whether it's On, Off, or Not applicable to that device. Not applicable means that it isn't supported on that operating system.

You can turn tamper protection on or off on a specific device or devices in the list. See Edit tamper protection.

Last user

The last user that signed in to the device.


The group that the computer belongs to (if it belongs to one).

Customize the devices table

You can select the columns you want to see in the devices list.

  1. Click the Customize columns icon Customize columns. in the upper right of the page.
  2. Select the columns you want.

    You can't remove the Name column.

    Show columns selector.

We'll remember your selection until your session ends.

If you bookmark the page URL after you customize the columns, we'll show your selection again the next time you click the bookmark.

Filter devices

You can filter the devices list by any combination of device details.

  1. Click the Filters icon Filters icon. above the devices list.

    You see a list of filters. Set some or all the filters as described below.

    Filters list.

    • Health: Select the status or statuses you want to show.
    • Device name: Enter a name or part of a name to show matching devices.
    • Device type: Select Computer, Server, or both.
    • Last Active: Select Online to see active devices, or select the length of time since the device last contacted Sophos Central. Alternatively, click Custom to specify any length of time.
    • IP address: Enter an address.
    • Operating System: Select one or more operating systems.
    • Tamper protection: Select On, Off, or Not applicable (not supported).
  2. When you've selected all the filters you want to use, click Apply.

The number of filters you've applied shows next to the filters icon.

To clear the filters, click Reset to defaults.

Search for devices

You can search for devices by Name, Operating System, or IP Address.

Search bar.

Edit tamper protection

This feature is only available if you've turned on global tamper protection. See Tamper Protection.

You can turn tamper protection on or off on selected devices, as follows:

  1. Go to Devices > Computers and servers.
  2. Select the device or devices where you want to turn tamper protection on or off.
  3. Click Edit tamper protection.

    "Edit tamper protection" button.

  4. Select the setting you want to apply, for example Turn ON tamper protection, and click Save.

    "Edit tamper protection" dialog.