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Mobile device summary

The Summary tab in a mobile device’s details page lets you see device details and manage the device.

Go to Devices > Mobile devices and click on the device you want to view details for.

Health status

In the left-hand pane, you can see the device’s health status and type. You can also take actions.


The left-hand pane always shows, even when you click the other tabs on this page.

The health status (Green, Yellow, Red) is indicated by the color of the device icon. Depending on the compliance policy you’ve assigned to the device, network access is restricted when the health status is Yellow or Red. See Create compliance policy (Sophos Mobile administrator help).

Device type and assigned user

The left-hand pane shows the following device information:

  • The device name you set.
  • The device model.
  • The operating system.
  • The user assigned to the device. Click the name to open the user’s details page.

Actions you can take

The actions links and buttons are in the left-hand pane. The actions you see depend on the device type and status.

  • Delete: Deletes the device and the alerts associated with the device.


    Unenroll the device from Sophos Mobile before deleting it. Otherwise it might become unusable.

  • Locate: Gets the device location.

  • Lock: Activates the screen lock on the device.
  • Unenroll: Unenrolls the device from Sophos Mobile.

    To unenroll a device with Android Enterprise full device management, use the Wipe action instead.

    To unenroll a device with Android Enterprise work profile management, use the Wipe Android work profile action instead.

  • Wipe: Resets the device to its factory settings.

  • Wipe Android work profile: Removes the Android Enterprise work profile from the device.
  • More actions: Opens the device’s details page in Sophos Mobile with more management options.

Recent Events

This lists recent events on the device.

For a full list, click the Events tab.

Device summary

This shows essential management information:

  • Management mode: The type of enrollment with Sophos Mobile, for example if Sophos manages the whole device, the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile app, or the Sophos container.
  • Owner: Shows if the device is owned by your organization (Corporate) or by the user (Personal).
  • Created: The date you added the device to Sophos Central.
  • Last sync: The last date when the device synchronized with Sophos Central.

Device status

This shows the management and security status of the device:

  • Health status: The health status of the device. If you’ve set up Synchronized Security as described in the Sophos Mobile administrator help, Sophos Central Wireless uses the health status to restrict network access. Note that because Chrome OS doesn’t report the MAC address to Sophos Central, Synchronized Security is not available for Chrome devices. See Synchronized Security (Sophos Mobile administrator help).
  • Compliance status: Shows if the device complies with the compliance policy you’ve assigned to it.

    Click the status value for details.

  • Tasks: Shows if there are open tasks for the device.

    Click the status value to see all completed and pending tasks.

  • Sophos Mobile: Shows if the device is enrolled with Sophos Mobile.

  • Sophos Intercept X for Mobile: Shows if the Sophos Intercept X for Mobile app is enrolled with Sophos Mobile.
  • Sophos Chrome Security: Shows if Sophos Chrome Security is enrolled with Sophos Mobile.
  • Sophos container: Shows if Sophos Mobile manages a Sophos container on the device.

See The Show device page (Sophos Mobile administrator help).

Device information

This shows hardware-related device information like the device ID.

Click View on map to view the last known device location in Google Maps. To get the location, use the Locate action.