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Add a user manually

You can assign administrator roles if you are a Super Admin.

You can add an individual user and protect them. This also gives you the option to let users protect their own devices.

To add a user, do as follows:

  1. Go to People > Add User.
  2. In the Add User dialog, enter the following settings:

    Option Description
    First & Last Name

    Enter the name of the user. Do not include a domain name.

    When you add a user using a directory service, "First and Last Name" shows the "Display Name" from the directory service. This might not conform to the "First and Last Name" format.


    Select an administration role for the user.

    A user who is assigned an administration role will receive an email telling them how to set up their administration account.

    Anyone with a User role only has access to the Self Service Portal.

    Email Address Enter the email address of the user.
    Add to groups (optional)

    Select one of the available user groups and use the picker arrows to move it to the assigned groups.

    You can start typing a name in the search box to filter the displayed groups.

    Email Setup Link Select this if you want to send the user an email with links that enable them to protect their own devices. If your license includes more than one type of protection, select those the user needs.

    The user needs administrative privileges and internet access in order to protect their computer.
  3. Click Save or Save and Add Another. The new user is added to the user list.

When the user downloads and installs the software, their device is automatically associated with the user.