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Last update: 2022-06-28

Virtual Environment Protection

Sophos for Virtual Environments lets you protect your virtual machines (VMs) and manage them from Sophos Central.

To set up protection for VMs, you do as follows:

  • Install Sophos Security VM on your host. This provides central anti-virus scanning for guest VMs.
  • Install Sophos Guest VM Agent on your guest VMs. This is required for each guest VM that you want to protect. The agent enables communication between the guest VM and Sophos Security VM as well as automatic cleanup of threats.

Download the installer

Go to Protect Devices.

To get started, you only need to download the Sophos Security VM installer. You'll be prompted to get the installer for the agent later.

Select the installer for the environment you want to protect: Hyper-V and/or ESXi.

We recommend you read the Sophos for Virtual Environments startup guides.


If you've been managing Sophos for Virtual Environments from Sophos Enterprise Console until now, or if you're migrating from Sophos Anti-Virus for vShield, see "Migrate to Sophos for Virtual Environments" in the startup guide.

What happens after installation

After you install Sophos Security VM on your host:

  • This instance of Sophos Security VM is added to the Servers list in Sophos Central.
  • Server policies are applied to the security VM (by default, these are the Base policies).
  • Remember you must have installed Sophos Guest VM Agent on each guest VM and checked it is connected.