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Last update: 2022-07-08

Create a Linux gold image

You can create gold (or base) images from Sophos protection software. This process is supported on Linux virtual machines if you're using Sophos Protection for Linux on supported Linux operating systems.

When you're setting up a gold image from a virtual machine that has Sophos Protection for Linux installed, you need to deregister it. If you have the MTR service turned on, you also need to stop the MTR service.

When you clone a virtual machine from the gold image it registers automatically after it has started and connected to the network.

To set up a gold image, do as follows:

  1. Set up the virtual machine you want to use as your gold image, if necessary.
  2. Deregister from Sophos Central using the following command:

    <installationBase>/base/bin/registerCentral --deregister

  3. Stop the MTR service using the following command:

    <installationBase>/bin/wdctl stop mtr

  4. Shut down the virtual machine.


You must save the image in the shutdown status. You must not restart it as that registers the image again. If you do this then you need to repeat this process.