Connect to Microsoft Azure

You can associate your Azure Active Directories with your Sophos Central account.

In Settings, on the Azure Active Directories page, you can associate your Azure Active Directories with your Sophos Central account. This gives you improved management of Sophos Server Protection on Azure Virtual Machines (VMs).

When you add Azure Active Directories on this page, Sophos Central will do as follows:

  • Display Azure Active Directories' details.
  • Remove deleted VMs automatically.

To add an Azure Active Directory:

  1. Click Add (on the right of the page).
  2. In the Connect a directory dialog:
    1. Enter the Active Directory ID. You can find this in the Active Directory properties in the Azure Portal.
    2. Enter the Application ID from the Azure Portal along with the Application Secret Key that was set up with the App secret key.
    3. Click Add.
    Sophos Central tries to verify the credentials. While this happens, the account Connection Status shows a refresh icon.
  3. When the page is refreshed, you can see that the account has connected, is still trying to connect, or has failed.
    If the connection fails, see Troubleshooting Sophos Central connections to Azure.
When you have added the Azure Active Directory, the page shows:
  • The Azure Active Directory along with any associated Subscriptions.
  • Total VMs. Click on the total to see a list of VMs on the Azure VMs page.
  • Sophos Agent Installed. The number of VMs protected with a Sophos Server Protection agent.

To modify or delete the connection to an Azure Active Directory, select the directory and use the buttons in the upper right of the page.