Azure AD Sync Status

Monitor your Azure Active Directory (AD) synchronization.

In Settings, on the Azure Sync Settings/Status page, once you configure Azure Active Directory synchronization, you can view:

  • The status of Azure Active Directory synchronization (whether the last synchronization was successful or whether any warnings or errors occurred).
  • The number of users and groups imported from Azure Active Directory.
  • The time of the last synchronization with Azure Active Directory.
    Note Auto synchronization happens every 6 hours. You cannot change this interval.
  • The configuration settings for Azure Active Directory synchronization.

    You can amend these by selecting Edit. See Set up synchronization with Azure Active Directory.

Select Sync to run the synchronization process.

You can validate the Azure Active Directory synchronization connection by selecting Test Connection.

You can view Azure Active Directory synchronization alerts on the Alerts page. You can view synchronization events on the Logs & Reports > Events page.