Message History Report

The Message History report details the emails processed by Email Gateway for your protected mailboxes.

Restriction This option is only available if your license includes Sophos Email.

You can search emails by Subject, Sender or Recipient.

You can select the time period for which you want to view the email processing history. By default the report displays the emails that have been processed during the current day.

You can order messages by Direction or Date. You can filter emails by Status.

Click Update to refresh the report if you have changed the date range, entered a search term or filtered the emails. This shows the results of the changes you selected.

Report Details

For each message the report shows:

The Status of the email message.

  • Delivered Successfully : The email was processed successfully and is being sent for delivery.
  • Quarantined: The email was marked as spam due to its content or block list configuration. You can view quarantined emails on the Quarantined Messages page.
  • Deleted: The email was deleted due to its content or block list configuration. When you select Deleted, you can select a Reason for deletion from the drop-down menu.
  • Processing : The email is temporarily still being processed. This applies to emails in the Sandbox environment and emails that have been queued for delivery.
  • Accepted: The email has been received successfully and is being processed by our system.
  • Delivery Failed: Delivery of the email was attempted several times but it could not be delivered and the request timed out.
  • Queued for Delivery: The initial delivery attempt failed, so the email will be re-queued for delivery. We will attempt to deliver the email for up to 5 days. Possible reasons for the initial delivery attempt failing are the recipient mail server being offline and issues retrieving the DNS records for the recipient. Emails that have been queued for delivery and are now in the processing phase will show up as Processing.
  • Processing Encryption: The email is still in the process of being encrypted, or the encrypted email is waiting to be delivered after the recipient sets their password.
Note Whether an email is quarantined or deleted depends on the spam protection settings you have chosen.

Message Details

To view Message Details, click the Subject line. You can click on the following tabs for more information about the message.

Message Details: shows general information about the message.

Select Block IP if you want to add the IP to the Inbound Allow/Block list then click Block to confirm your choice. Any sender using this IP address is blocked. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

Select the show more icon to see message events with timestamps. If an email is queued for delivery, you will see a Delivery Status Notification (DSN) error code underneath the Queued for Delivery status. This is the code returned by the recipient's mail server when you have attempted to deliver an email and the email isn't delivered. The code is helpful for troubleshooting the reason the email isn't delivered.

Raw Header: shows the email header details.

Attachments: shows the name and size of attachments.