On the Computers page, you can manage your protected computers.

They will appear automatically after Sophos agent software has been installed.

You can:

  • View details of the computers.
  • See the encryption status (if you are using Sophos Device Encryption).
  • Delete computers.
  • Install or uninstall software.
  • Get a recovery key for encrypted computers (if you are using Sophos Device Encryption).
  • Export the computers list to CSV.

View computer details

The computers list shows you the current computers with these details:

  • Name.
  • IP Address. Hover over the icon to see details of all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Operating System.
  • Products installed. For example, Intercept X or Encryption.
  • Last user.
  • Last active. This is the last time that the computer contacted Sophos. The timestamp is refreshed only once an hour on average.
  • Group. The group that the computer belongs to (if it belongs to one).

To search for a computer, enter the name in the search field above the list.

To filter computers according to their type, their health status, or their encryption status, use the filters above the list.

You can click on a computer name to see more details of that computer, to take action against the alerts, or to update, scan or delete the computer.

Delete computers

You can delete computers that you no longer need to manage from Sophos Central.

Select the computer or computers you want to delete and click Delete (in the upper right of the page).

This deletes the computer and the alerts associated with the computer.

Warning You should uninstall the Sophos software before deleting a computer.

Install or uninstall software

You can select new endpoint software to be installed on computers that are already protected and managed by Sophos Central.

You can also uninstall software.

To do either, do as follows.

  1. Click Manage Endpoint Software (in the upper right of the page).
  2. Select software.
  3. Select computers and use the picker arrows to change the software installed, as follows.
    • To install the software, select eligible computers and move them to the assigned list.
    • To uninstall the software, select assigned computers and move them to the eligible list.

The computers will update to the selected software.

Export to CSV

To export a list of computers:

Click Export to CSV.

This creates a file called devices.csv. Any currently active filters are applied to the list.

For example you can export a list of Windows computers by applying the Windows Computers filter before clicking Export to CSV.

Retrieve recovery key

This option is available from More on the Computers page.

If users are unable to log in to their encrypted computer, you can get a recovery key which is used to unlock the computer.