Registered Firewall Appliances

You can manage your Sophos XG Firewalls.

In Settings, on the Registered Firewall Appliances page, you can view Sophos XG Firewalls that have been registered with Sophos Central. You can also deregister (or "disconnect") them.
Note You can only register a Sophos XG Firewall from a Sophos XG Firewall console (Go to Central synchronization).

About registered Firewalls

When a Sophos XG Firewall is registered with Sophos Central, your computers can send regular reports on their security status or "health" to Sophos XG Firewall. These reports are known as "Security Heartbeats".

If more than one Sophos XG Firewall is registered, computers send Security Heartbeats to the nearest one available.

If the Security Heartbeat reports show that a computer might have been compromised, the Sophos XG Firewall can restrict its network access. A Sophos XG Firewall admin and a Sophos Central administrator also receive alerts that tell them what to do to restore the computer's health.

View Firewalls

The page displays details of Sophos XG Firewalls that are registered with Sophos Central:

  • Name
  • IP Address
  • Active. This indicates whether a Sophos XG Firewall has received Security Heartbeats within the previous hour.

To find a Sophos XG Firewall, start to enter the name in the Search for a Firewall field. As you type, the list is filtered to show only Sophos XG Firewalls that match.

Deregister Firewalls

You can deregister Sophos XG Firewalls from Sophos Central. For example, if you no longer use a Sophos XG Firewall, you could deregister it so that it is no longer shown here.

When you deregister a Sophos XG Firewall, you continue to protect and manage the computers that are associated with it, but the Security Heartbeats feature will no longer work.

  1. Select a Sophos XG Firewallyou want to deregister.
  2. Click the Delete button in the upper-right of the page.
  3. When prompted, click OK to confirm that you want to deregister a Sophos XG Firewall.

The selected Sophos XG Firewall is removed from the list. You can deregister more than one Sophos XG Firewall at a time.

If you deregister all the Sophos XG Firewalls, this page will still be displayed and you will still be able to see old events and alerts related to the Security Heartbeat feature.