Servers on AWS map

View the status of your Amazon Web Services resources.

Warning This feature is being replaced by Sophos Cloud Optix. Sophos Cloud Optix has more comprehensive features. For more information, including dates, see Important changes to AWS and Azure Connectors in Intercept X for Server and Central Server Protection.

Sophos Cloud Optix Standard features are included with the Intercept X Advanced for Server license. For more information on versions of Sophos Cloud Optix see Cloud Optix

To view your AWS instances using the current functionality, go to Server Protection > Servers > Servers on AWS and click Map.

Resource Summary

The Resource Summary above the map shows you statistics for AWS instances and S3 storage in the location or region currently shown on the map.

  • Instances or storage in good, medium or bad health.
  • Instances with no Sophos protection agent installed.
  • Instances with a UTM.
  • Number of resources, instances or storage.

Connected AWS accounts

If you have any unconnected AWS accounts, a message is shown in the upper right of the page.

Click AWS account connections to go to a page where you can connect Sophos Central to AWS accounts.


The Location, Resource type or AWS account filters let you get a closer view of a specific continent, AWS instances, S3 storage or AWS account.

The map

Each location or region is indicated by a donut chart, Donut chart.

To see the regions within a continent in more detail, click the donut chart.

Hover over the donut chart to see how many resources are in each of these states:
  • Bad health
  • Medium health
  • Good health
  • No Sophos agent (instances only)
  • UTM (instances only)

To return to a view of the entire globe at any time, click the globe icon, Blue global icon.