The Dashboard is the start page of Endpoint Protection and lets you see the most important information at a glance.

It consists of these areas.

Most recent threat cases

Threat cases let you investigate malware attacks. Click a case to find out where an attack started, how it spread, and which processes or files it has affected.

Click See all threat cases to see all threat cases.

Threat cases are available only for Windows devices.

Devices and users: summary

Devices and users: summary shows details of usage and protection for users or protected devices. It also shows the number of unprotected users or devices.

Click on the tabs to see information for each device type or for users.

Click See Report to open a detailed report for the tab you have selected.

Web control

Web control shows statistics for your Web Control protection.

The figures are for threats blocked, policy violations blocked, and policy warnings. There is also a figure for "policy warnings proceeded", which is the number of users who have bypassed a warning to visit a website.

Click on a figure to open a detailed report.