Message Summary Report

The Message Summary report details the email messages processed by Email Gateway for your protected mailboxes.

Restriction This option is only available if your license includes Sophos Email.

Go to Overview > Logs & Reports > Reports > Message Summary.

You can view messages that occurred in the past 365 days or less. Messages for the last 30 days are shown by default.

Direction: Select Inbound or Outbound from the drop-down menu to view messages that have been received or sent.

All scanned messages are shown in the report by default. The messages are classified as follows:

  • Scanned: All messages processed by Email Gateway.
  • Legitimate: Messages that have been allowed.
  • Spam: Messages classified as spam.
  • Virus: Messages classified as containing viruses.
  • DLP policy violations: Messages that violated Data Loss Prevention policies.
  • Advanced threat: Messages classified as containing advanced threats.
  • Realtime blocklist : Messages detected due to a blocked sending IP.
  • Company blocklist: Messages sent from an address that has already been added to the company blocklist (inbound allow/block).
  • Authentication failures: Messages that failed authentication by DMARC, SPF or DKIM.

The graph shows you at a glance the number of messages that were processed per day.

The message table shows the number of email messages processed for each date listed. It reflects the selected date and all message types.