Quarantined Messages

This option is only available if your license includes Sophos Email.

The Quarantined Messages page lists the email messages that have been quarantined for all your protected mailboxes.

It shows the messages received in the last 24 hours, by default. You can view the quarantined messages for the last 30 days.

You can also:

  • Release messages from quarantine and send them to users. Select the message(s) and click Release.
  • Delete quarantined messages. Select the message(s) and click Delete.

Click on a message subject to view the quarantined email message. This opens the Message Details dialog where you can view more details about the message, the raw header information, message contents and any attachments. You can release or delete a message in the Message Details dialog. Within Message Details, you can add an IP to your blocklist. See Inbound Allow/Block.