Quarantined Messages

The Quarantined Messages page lists the email messages that have been quarantined for all your protected mailboxes.

Restriction This option is only available if your license includes Sophos Email.

Search: You can search emails by Subject, Sender or Recipient.

By default the report displays the emails that have been processed during the current day.

You can order messages by Date, Sender, Recipient and Reason. You can also view the message Subject.

Message Details

To view the message details, click the Subject line. You can click on the following tabs for more information about the message:

  • Details: shows general information about the message.

    Click Add to blocklist if you want to add the IP to the Inbound Allow/Block list then click Ok to confirm your choice. Any sender using this IP address is blocked. Click Cancel to cancel the action.

  • Raw Header: shows the email header details.
  • Message: shows the body of the email.
  • Attachments: shows the name and size of attachments.

You can also:

  • Release messages from quarantine and send them to users. Select the messages and click Release.
  • Delete quarantined messages. Select the messages and click Delete.