MTR cases

You can track the MTR threat cases that we raise and investigate for you.

To see the MTR cases, go to MTR > Cases.

The page lists all the cases we've raised in the time period you select and shows a description of each case and its status.

MTR cases page


  • In progress: We're still analyzing the data.
  • Action required: You need to take action. (We've notified your contacts.)
  • Resolved: We've resolved the threat.

The statistics panels above the list show the number of cases with each status for the current time period and the percentage change since the last time period.

By default, you see statistics for the past 7 days. To change this, click the menu in the upper right of the page.


The list also shows the severity of each incident:

  • Level 1 (red)
  • Levels 2 or 3 (yellow)
  • Levels 4 or 5 (green)

Threat cases are opened for possible threats with high severity (level 1). However, we can change the severity after analysis.

Case details

To see details of a case, click its number in the ID column.

Screenshot of MTR case ID

You see details of the threat type and of the progress of the case.

Screenshot of MTR case details