Mobile devices

On the Mobile devices page you can manage your mobile devices. They appear after you’ve added them to Sophos Mobile.

Go to Overview > Devices > Mobile devices.

For help with managing mobile devices see Sophos Mobile admin help.

About the devices list

The devices list shows you the current devices with these details:

  • Health Status: The health status of the device.
  • Name: The name of the device.
  • Operating system: The operating system and version.
  • User: The Sophos Central user you assigned to the device. Click the name to see details of that user.
  • Managed: The management status of the device.
  • Container: The management status of the Sophos container.
  • Intercept X for Mobile: The management status of Sophos Intercept X for Mobile (Android, iOS) or Sophos Chrome Security (Chrome OS).
  • Last active: The last time the device contacted Sophos.

Add a device

To add a device, go to Mobile.

Delete a device

You can delete devices you no longer need to manage from Sophos Central.

Select the device or devices you want to delete and click Delete (in the upper right of the page).

This deletes the device and the alerts associated with the device.

Warning Unenroll the device from Sophos Mobile before deleting it. Otherwise it might become unusable.

View details of a device

Click on a device in the list to view its details.

Export to CSV

To export a list of devices:

Click Export to CSV.

This creates a file called devices.csv. Any currently active filters are applied to the list.

For example you can export a list of iPhones and iPads by applying the iOS devices filter before clicking Export to CSV.