Sophos Outlook add-in

Sophos Outlook add-in enables users to report suspected phishing and spam messages with one click right from within Outlook.

Sophos Outlook add-in is available for Outlook for Windows and Mac, Outlook Web Access, in Office 365 and Exchange environments.

Benefits of Sophos Outlook add-in

Sophos Outlook add-in simplifies the process your users have to follow to report suspicious mail. With one click, users can report a message to the proper destination in the proper format, eliminating the need to remember a specific email address or how to properly forward unwanted messages.

You and your team will get better visibility into the type and volume of suspicious email reaching your end users. This visibility allows you to better understand the threats facing your organization, both in real time, enabling you to respond quickly to potential security incidents, and from a strategic viewpoint, helping to fine tune your layered security strategy.

Using Sophos Outlook add-in to report suspicious email helps Sophos in its work to predict and prevent threats for our customers. The messages submitted to SophosLabs by your users allow us to continually improve our threat detection capabilities for all Sophos customers.

How do I install Sophos Outlook add-in?

Installing Sophos Outlook add-in involves three steps:

  • Configuring Sophos Outlook add-in in Sophos Central.
  • Downloading the XML manifest from Sophos Central.
  • Deploying Sophos Outlook add-in to users.

For more details, and to check that your environment is compatible with the Sophos Outlook add-in, see How to deploy the Phish Threat Outlook Plugin.