Server Protection

Find out how your servers are protected.

Warning This feature is being replaced by Sophos Cloud Optix. Sophos Cloud Optix has more comprehensive features. For more information, including dates, see Important changes to AWS and Azure Connectors in Intercept X for Server and Central Server Protection.

Sophos Cloud Optix Standard features are included with the Intercept X Advanced for Server license. For more information on versions of Sophos Cloud Optix see Cloud Optix.

Server Protection protects servers against malware, risky file types and websites, and malicious network traffic. It also offers peripheral control, web control, and server lockdown, which lets you control the software run on your servers.

To view your AWS instances using the current functionality, go to Server Protection > Servers to manage your Azure VMs, server groups and servers on AWS.

You use policies to apply protection to servers.

Note You can't create or edit policies from Overview.

Go to Server Protection > Policies to create and edit policies.